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GVS Filter Technology - Life Sciences

GVS design and manufacture a wide range of filters to suit commercial and industrial applications. Our standard filter range covers a full range of efficiencies from G4-H13 in sizes and formats to suit most applications. GVS also manufacture a wide range of molecular filtration products that remove chemicals, environmental pollutants and odours.

We manufacture all our filters at our sites in the UK and Europe. Our onsite labs allow us to test our products for both air flow and efficiencies down to the nano-particle range. This in house testing combined with external certification provides assurance that GVS’s production processes and products meet all industry standards.

The GVS new product development team develop custom solutions and specialist filter media for a range of applications. The in house filter test laboratories have the capability to test filters and media with particle challenges of 1000 nanometers right down to 10 nanometers, one of very few facilities worldwide that can achieve this range. Air flow and resistance testing can be conducted on site at flows up to 5000cbm/hr.

GVS technical sales and service teams provide a range of services to ensure customers are fully acquainted with developments in the filtration world, follow indoor air quality best practice and achieve the best possible balance of energy saving and performance.


  • Airports & Transportation

Air quality around airport buildings and gates is often very poor quality. Many of the service vehicles and auxiliary power units are powered by diesel engines which generate particulate and NOX gases. GVS have a range of products to deal with these challenges and satisfy EN13779 indoor air quality standards. GVS are fast becoming the default filter manufacturer for airports.

Contact us for further information and details of recent projects we have undertaken.

  • Commercial & Retail

Commercial and Retail buildings are often located in built up areas where outdoor air quality is already at a low quality level.

Air is often polluted with PM10 and PM2.5 particles, diesel particulate, building dust and NOX gases. Without proper filtration the long term exposure to these pollutants, particularly when re-circulated throughout buildings, can have damaging effects on their occupants. GVS have a wide range of filters designed to cope with these challenges as well as reducing energy consumption within a building.

  • Hospitals

Air quality has significant impact on patient outcome. Hospitals are very focused on reducing the number of infections due to physical contact. A similar effort needs to be made with air quality. It has been shown that something as simple as upgrading filters can reduce the number of people infected with certain diseases which in turn has an impact on recovery times and patient costs. GVS have a number of products including the Bacticell which improve air quality by allowing increased air flow and reducing pathogens through anti-bacterial coatings.

  • Hotels & Hospitality

Indoor air quality impacts on a large number of areas within the hospitality business. From kitchen areas where a lack of extract cleaning it can pose a genuine threat to the safety of a building through to spa and pool areas where increased humidity damages decoration or can lead to risks of legionella. GVS can advise how best to maximise air quality and minimise costs of filter changes. With our range of energy saving and anti-microbial filters it is often possible to demonstrate savings in energy saving through chan- ges in specification that outweigh the cost of replacing filters.

  • Leisure Centres

Leisure centres, spas, gyms and hotels with pools have unique challenges to deal with for HVAC. The higher levels of humidity and the air changes needed to deal with the moisture mean standard filters are not suitable. In addition, the risk of bacterial growth or legionella poses a threat to both staff and customers. It is important that facilities management teams be mindful of these risks when specifying filters and managing changes. GVS have experience specifying, changing and disposing of filters in these environments as well as filter solutions such as the Bacticell with impregnated antibacterial coatings to ensure the air remains at an acceptable quality level and it’s occupants are not put at risk.

  • Museums & Art Galleries

Most museums and art galleries are located close to areas with high traffic pollution. The increase in diesel vehicles in recent years has caused a specific problem for museums and galleries as the NOX fumes and diesel particulate cause serious damage to both the exhibits and the decoraton of the building. GVS have HVAC filter products that can bring the particulate down to safe levels as well as molecular filtration products that can remove the gaseous contaminant.

  • Industrial & Pharmaceutical

Complex electronic, pharmaceutical or food processing facilities require high levels of efficient filtration in order to keep processes reliable and safe. GVS manufacture a range of HEPA filters in house to EN1822:2009. These HEPA filters are produced with unique barcodes to ensure traceability from material sources down to individual filter units. It’s this level of quality that ensures that GVS are fast becoming one of the market leaders in HEPA filtration.