Sheet and Panel Filters

GVS offers a range of primary filters with different construction options depending on where they are to operate.

Primary filters provide the initial filtration stage within an air supply system.  Their function is to remove medium to large particles from the air entering the system. A primary grade filter provides protection for other air supply components (e.g. heater batteries, silencers etc.) to prevent clogging and premature ageing. By removal of medium to large particles a primary filter also extends the life of the more expensive higher-grade secondary air filters.

Product Information & Data Sheets

Datasheet - G3 Glass Non Standard Panel Filter
Datasheet - G3 Glass Panel Filters
Datasheet - G4 Non Standard Panel Filter
Datasheet - G4 Standard Pleated Panel Filters
Product Information Sheet - Fan Coil Filters
Product Information Sheet - Dry Glass Pad (Paint Barrier)