For applications with unusual filter fitments or for higher level fume loads GVS can produce bespoke Acticel filters. The filter configuration depends on the available space and the fume challenge the filter has to deal with. Contact our sales office for details.

Each filter model is manufactured individually using technical characteristics!

GVS offer a range of totally disposable carbon filters which are suitable for installation in critical or hazardous areas. With steel construction and available as bonded carbon or loose fill filters in a ‘V’ formation. Available in standard and non-standard sizes which can also be supplied with or without the headers.

60.015.0001.00.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 600x600x600-GP - (HxWxD)
60.015.0002.00.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 590X295X595-GP - (HxWxD)
60.015.0005.14.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 595x595x295-KI - (HxWxD)
60.015.0007.03.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 595x595x295-GP - (HxWxD)
60.015.0008.03.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 600x600x450-GP - (HxWxD)
60.015.0009.03.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 550x550x292-GP - (HxWxD)
60.015.0012.14.AALoosefill Acticell Carbon - 305x610x292-KI - (HxWxD)