Bacticell F7 ECO

The GVS Bacticell is designed for general HVAC applications to replace traditional bag filters.

The Bacticell air filter cartridge offers both antimicrobial protection as well as replaceable cells. The replaceable cells mean the side plates can be re-used to reduce waste and transport costs as well as making the filter carton much easier to handle in tight spaces. The large media area means that air resistance is low resulting in lower energy consumption. It also means that the filter can last up to three times longer than a conventional bag filter.

Each filter model is manufactured individually using technical characteristics!

Using the Bacticell in place of a bag filter brings long term energy savings as well as filtration efficiency that remains high throughout the filter life, unlike most bags.

As well as the above benefits the Bacticell are treated with Bacti-G™, an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of mould, bacteria or viruses on the filter surface.

See below for the range of sizes, efficiencies and replacement components. 

80.021.0001.00.AABacticell F7 ECO 592 full size - Assembled
80.021.0002.00.AABacticell F7 ECO 490 3/4 size - Assembled
80.021.0003.00.AABacticell F7 ECO 287 1/2 size - Assembled
80.021.0004.00.AAFilter Panels F7 ECO (pack of 8 replaceable panels)
80.021.0005.00.AASide Support full size (pack of 2)
80.021.0006.00.AASide support 3/4 size (pack of 2)
80.021.0007.00.AASide support 1/2 size (pack of 2)